Agrisight is a technological platform, the only new-generation solution for controlling, forecasting and optimizing the supply chain, 100% dedicated to the agricultural sector

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Agrisight offers solutions for optimizing and planning the logistics of agricultural materials, based on the combination of advanced data and AI tools and strong agriculture business expertise.

Agrisight is based on the ergonomic modeling of a digital twin of your organization, including in particular the characteristics of the sites, products, means of transport, and taking into account all the costs, whether they are logistical, linked to the operation of silos, etc.

Agrisight makes it possible

Improve the gross margin of the agricultural supply chain
  • By the facilitated and optimized realization of a collection or distribution plan
  • By predicting crops harvest and sales
  • By optimizing the S&Op
Make supply chain management more efficient
  • Through reduced planning effort
  • By sharing a single source of truth and advanced analysis capabilities
  • By a professionalization of flows’ management with a dynamic monitoring and comparison of planned vs observed

How it works

Upstream to downstream

Allowing both designing and updating of the harvest plan, but also all the downstream piloting

Dynamic and real time

Very frequent automatic data updates, quick recalculations to manage contingencies

Flexible and accessible

Efficient ergonomics for effortless handling and intuitive reparameterization of digital twin

Digital twin parametrization

The physical and logistical infrastructures are easily configured in the tool, with levels of parameterization that can be very finely tuned, with in particular

  • Cell configuration, integrating systems such as dryers, capacities and flow rates
  • Availability of teams and fleets
  • All operational constraints


Updating inputs and outputs

One of the major challenges in planning flows is to be able to accurately anticipate inputs (harvests or production) and outputs (customer requests, exports, etc.). Different options can be considered:

  • Integration of predictions already made
  • Predictions of demand based on history and trends
  • Prediction of yields and volumes thanks to machine learning applied to field, satellite and climatic data.


Building and updating a plan

Agrisight’s optimization algorithms are the reactor core. In interaction with experts, they make it possible to develop a plan that is optimized with regard to costs and product value, while respecting the many operational constraints


Monitoring and execution

The dynamic monitoring of stocks and flows is made possible with:

  • The ability to access, to visualize at a glance and to share reliable information on stocks and flows is essential  
  • The comparison of planned and actual stock levels enables the continuous improvement of supply chain processes.


    Why Agrisight ?

    The grain actors  face an increasing logistic complexity

    The optimization of logistics costs has become a strategic issue

    The quality of the relationship and interface with farmers is crucial

    Use case examples

    Improvement of customer service by a fine projection of the inter-crop flows of a sugar cooperative

    Reduction of transportation costs for a cooperative’s grain flow by reducing transfers and by a better location of pre-sale inventories

    Optimization of a network of silos by making the best choice and sizing of sites, in relation to investments

    Increase spot sales opportunities 


    Pierre Boucher



    Pierre leads Agrisight, he is a farmer and an engineer with a passion for technology

    Arthur Loiret



    Arthur is in charge of the technological platform and IT developments, he is passionate about system design

    Aimé Lachapelle



    Aimé is an expert in data science, AI and mathematical modeling, he is responsible for the innovation roadmap and R&D  

    Pascal Simon



    Pascal is a seasoned entrepreneur and is responsible for the development of Agrisight both nationally and internationally

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    We are actively recruiting for Agrisight both passionate full-stack software engineers as well as deployment engineers

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